Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Letter to My Love

Dear Palestine,
How are you today, my dear?
Is it quiet in Gaza? You know what I mean. Are bombs falling on you? Or is it a day when the children do not have to live that nightmare? Has everyone had something to eat? Did you find some wood or coal for a cooking fire? I know the gas ran out. I know clean water is scarce. I know you live in the dark most of the time. No lights-and little light is shined on the situation there.
How is the West Bank today? Did settlers hurl rocks at your children on their way to school? Was anyone left at a checkpoint to die? How many homes were raided last night? How many will be destroyed today?
So many here do not know, and they need to know(
It is a helpless feeling, to know what is happening to you, to know what you have endured for decades, and to not be able to stop it. To be honest, my love, this has really been getting to me lately.
Between America, Israel, Hamas, the PA and the UN, it is like one giant pissing contest and you, the people, are the ones getting wet. I can see this and I cannot do enough to change it. I have no wealth or influence, no connections to people in power. I have only my voice and this laptop that I use to try to tell your story. Others, just like me, are doing the same thing. It is not that Americans do not care. It is that they do not even know. Maybe I can change at least that much.
But today, my dear one, my body is so tired, in mind so heart aching and breaking....
Just know that I am still here, that I love you every day and that I will be back. I will always come back. I would not leave you even if I could. You have become a part of me, of my heart, my soul. There, you will always remain.
All my love,
A Woman in America

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