Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Water is Life-DAPL is Death

It's been busy here this week. We got through the Thanksgiving gatherings with grateful hearts and full stomachs.
On Black Friday, my son and I stood with one other person outside a Wells Fargo bank, holding signs and raising awareness of what the Dakota Access pipeline dispute is about. Why Wells Fargo? Because it is one of numerous banks that have been funding "The Black Snake".
Lakota prophecy says "If the Black Snake crosses our land, our world will end."

So, I am putting a link here to more information about the  movement to defund DAPL. I encourage you to tell these banks "Dump DAPL-or I dump you!" If you wish to do more, there is plenty to be done in both North Dakota and Iowa. This battle is not over!

 pdf of Banks funding DAPL

Signing off from The Lake....stay tuned for more later.

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